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10th Dan Jujutsu Grandmaster
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
U.M.A.I.A President

Grand Master Starks

Self – Defense and Balance

Dragon Budo Jujutsu Martial Arts Academy (DBJ) is a one-of-a-kind, scenario-based self-defense art that instructs students to respond to realistic scenarios with marginal effort using concepts of physics, balance, leverage and technique as well as knowledge of human makeup. DBJ teaches students efficient timing, and also the use of footwork and body positioning for punctual neutralization of an assault.

Julia Starks

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Our students learn a variety of combating techniques, making use of percussive strikes to vital areas at various arrays, and also using stress factors strikes, joint locks, throws, and also takedowns with submission holds or chokes at closer fighting distances. We likewise teach use and defense against conventional weapons– consisting of the sword, walking cane, and short stick– in addition to protection against threats composed of blades, guns and a variety of weapons.

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“The More you Sweat in training, the less you will Bleed in Battle”

“I love this place😍😍. I started four months ago and it is exactly what I needed. I started because I wanted to lose weight which I am but I’m learning a skill that will help me with my confidence to protect myself. I take Jujutsu and kickboxing. My 8 year old niece take jr jujutsu and she loves it. I love the people who goes here. This place is great.”

Tabitha S

“Absolutely a MUST for anyone looking to test and improve their mental, physical and technical capabilities. Sensei Starks’ training and teaching style is excellent – especially for those that are SERIOUS about reaching their potential – at any stage/age in life. Highest recommendation!”

Marc H

“Thank you to Sensei Starks for providing the Dragon Budo family with the true no nonsense warrior art form. Thank you for the gift of mental and physical conditioning in preparation for lifes obstacles not just martial arts. If your SERIOUS about learning jujutsu, improving your health and or physical conditioning, it’s a must you come in and give it a try. Highest recommendation no question…”

Adaycia D